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Welcome to The DHP Podcast Page.
Join us as we have conversations with musicians who are thinking outside the box when it comes to chamber music, solo performance, composition, education, and so much more! We dive deep into what inspires musicians, how they work, and what you can do to experience music in new, exciting ways. Available where ever you get your podcasts!
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Join us in conversation with the composer of Crescent City Stomp, Aaron Lington. We had a great conversation that covered a variety of topics including: practicing, composition, fear of "getting it out there", living a great life, and our mutual love of music. Aaron is a Saxophone Performing Artist for Selmer Saxophones, is a D’Addario Performing Artist and performs exclusively on Rico Reeds.

Links from the podcast:
Aaron's Personal Website
The BiCoastal Collective
Music In Place

Aaron's YouTube Channel

Read more about Aaron and his work at SJSU here:

Show Notes: Introducing the DHP Podcast! Here's what you can expect over the next few weeks. Interviews with musicians such as Aaron Lington, Matthew Murchison, Elliot Gray, Jon Hansen, Jenny Young, and so many more! This podcast is all about looking outside the box at every aspect of music, in an effort to inspire all musicians to explore new opportunities for artist expression.

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