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Released 2009

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Heralded as Tuba Quartet-2.0, this cutting-edge chamber ensemble was formed in 2008.  Consisting of top euphonium and tuba solo artists, this group distinguishes itself through unique instrumentation.  Varying from the traditional two euphoniums/two tubas formation, Eufonix uses a unique variation of three euphoniums/one tuba, or all four euphoniums.  The dynamic, high-energy nature of Eufonix brings life and excitement to the tuba quartet, working with composers to create new music, new performance opportunities, and recordings.  End Game, their first CD was released in 2009, and their second album, Brink, was released in the summer of 2012, and their third album in 2015.  Members of Eufonix are:

- Danny Helsethsolo euphonium artist and instructor of Tuba and Euphonium at Eastern Washington University

-Pat Stuckemeyer, solo euphonium artist, President and CEO of Just For Brass, and Potenza Music

-Kelly Thomas, solo euphonium and tuba artist, Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at University of Arizona

-Aaron Tindall, solo tuba and euphonium artist, Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at Ithaca College

Dedicated to music education as well as performance, Eufonix is on tour several times a year offering insightful master classes and clinics while inspiring audiences with intense performances.  The unique personalities of the four members lends to a relaxed on-stage presence that is both familiar and entertaining.  Each summer, Eufonix is the chamber ensemble in residence at the Low Brass Boot Camp, hosted by Steven Mead and Pat Stuckemeyer on the University of Arizona campus.

Eufonix is one of the new and exciting musical sounds emerging from the younger generation of euphonium and tuba soloists and chamber ensembles.  All four members are Besson Artists for Buffet Group, USA, and perform exclusively on Besson instruments.

Released in 2015

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Released 2012

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