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Danny Helseth with Molly Orlando on Piano
Also featuring Mark Dorosheff and Nathan Wisniewski on Violin, Bryce Bunner on Viola and Christine Choi on Cello

Released Summer 2007


Released on the Potenza Music label in 2007, this is Danny's first Solo CD.  It features a unique blend of traditional and new solo euphonium works, including two that were written specifically for Danny.  The CD and sheet music for the pieces are available at​


The Danny Helseth Project: Thoughts from the Groove

Featuring Elliot Gray on Piano, Jon Hansen on tuba, and Andrew Jacobson on Drums. 


Music by Jon Hansen, Elliot Gray, Aaron Lington, and Roland Szentpali. Also featuring Jason Suchan on piano.

Released January 2021

Streaming everywhere online including: Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music.

If you want a physical copy of the CD, you can contact me here for more info. 

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